Freeman's Narrative EP

by freeman's narrative

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Recorded, mixed & mastered by Andy @ REED RECORDING COMPANY over a few pleasant afternoons in early 2013.


released February 23, 2013

Lawrence, Robin, Michael (guitars) Adam (drums) Jason (bass) Deon (words)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


freeman's narrative Bay City, Michigan

lawrence, jason, adam, michael, brendon and robin building a wall of sound with words and noise.

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Track Name: Permission
so you broke your fall, twisted / abrasive.
what's the use? if you're not into it close your legs then.
you build your coward's wall, form wires to pour your casings.
it was you. the truth left with your last face lift.
cordial yet caught in turmoil, who's there to foil your plot?
it was me. my breath still steams while your bones rot.

hold a hand out to lead you. to keep you to feed you.
your handler sent you only to invent your shame.
tenderly tenured, he only exists to find fractures.
undermine the exposed, the unknown that now shows.

broken crayons drawing figures.
invalids quoting scripture.

i can't make it, it's your call.
Track Name: CWC
odd girl gone. take her lumps in stride, now how's that feel?
in touch still out of line. all those things you're concealing.
when you gonna run away? when you gonna make it right?
clicks may sound off time, it helps keep the rhythm real.
my team steals solid signs. just tell me how you take it.
when you gonna run away? when you gonna make it right?
cope or kill? think slowly.
even up our take, I'm sure one day you'll thank me.
when you gonna run away? when you gonna make it right?

coward with a crown, fair yet defeated.
so glad that you could come around.
fold your blinders down.
hold your inhibitions down.
it's evident in how you hold your brow.
we kissed then celebrated.
I wish we would've waited to hold again.

there's magic there, there's more after the glow.

it's torture to see it and know you won't believe me.
erased all that was wasted when faced with these decisions.
it's over. eroded. evolved from extortion.
Track Name: Learn Something
when they built the great wall they took their time.
they didn't simply throw a bunch of bricks in a line.
they knew deep down inside they had to design a barrier guaranteed
to keep the bad guys out.
so they thought and they planned until they had it just right.
double-reinforced foundation, stones stacked 40' high
with the top lined with spikes and a tower on each side
with a watchman inside performing around-the-clock lookout.

they were safe, they were protected, they were well-schooled.

the timing is right, strap on the same black mask as last night.
you say you want freedom then you better show something.
you don't want to be left behind
but don't you give it away, you might need it some day.

bombs burst overhead, so you take the reigns.

if you're willing to escape the wall, well, you're more than welcome
to try but upon leaving head our warning.
so you want to see the sights, well, you can take them in but don't open your mind you may see something.
& when you go and make your friends, converse at free will but don't
listen you might learn something

through the years kings died and their sons died and every generation of royalty decided never to allow any of the citizens to venture outside.

they were safe. they were protected but they were all fools.
Track Name: Force Fed
force fed

sink to medicine, cracked cups we're forced to sip
wish to have ice chips slid past these purple lips
how dare you sit ignorant and waste your time
you sip champagne while we're all shipped here to die

most come without
wounds drip, bleed out
no hue in sight
just black and off-white
pockets bulge with numbness soon to find a vein
orderlies scuffle single-file to scratch a name

force fed
from drip
cracked cups
we'll sip
wish to have ice chips slid past these purple lips

fucker you'll get yours
expect nothing less
it's in the cards
cannot be denied

hoist that rag
your soul drowns in flames stating your god hates fags
we'll hoist our rag

you're force fed
Track Name: Vultures' Picnic
it's mostly consequential
the seller always pushes
the chips in towards the table
throw your fists to caution
it's partly unrelated
just face it, she's tactless
mistakes evaluated
celebrate the language

light the flame for fallen
the price remains inflated
all blind invited
take your seat at the vultures picnic

playing the odds again?
you'll see.
Track Name: Heavyweight
heavyweight / shoulders burdened while the brittle bones are buckling / who was there to stare down your enemy? / and what's he done for you anyway? / tear the fabric that once back-lined our misery / isn't it just settling if it isn't me? / another couch cushion casualty / simple minds'll find time enough eventually / said you'd be callin' / look now, guess who's crawlin'? / seems that recently / snide comments rollin' easily and effortlessly / switch to reverse roles each and every day / now who's the fuckin' heavyweight?
simply lay waiting / stir disconcernment / focus, ensuring / we come in this moment / it's clear we were closet that night when / we both just LOST CONTROL
(so it)comes to craving replace what's been lost in lulfull souls / you fear what's not yet known / you bolt when awful's shown / said you'd be callin' / look now, guess who's crawlin?'/ you self indulge / succumb to craving replace what's been lost in lulfull souls
in hell, the units are the 'grind' and 'fuck' / when talking cofee - 'cups' / in lust use 'thoughts' and 'touch' / said you'd be callin' / look now, guess who's crawlin'?
your feet wish to be the brain able to choose / while your brain yearns to be feet / sit dumb down in those shoes / you said you'd be callin' / look now, guess who's crawlin'?
Track Name: Shape Shift
time tells truth waits for no man
truth sells when hands are stained in blood
when the pigs are exposed by the filth that they lie in
seems souls have been framed in cross-hairs
skirt towards that line of faith & trust
when the meek make their way out we'll begin to bargain

I take the shape of no man, spit in the face of all mankind
our courtship with the gavel has lost its action
I claim this rock as my land, train native tongues to speak like mine
we trade peace of our minds for a certain destruction

hold onto dreams of old men
scrap contracts written once in blood
and the pigs still exposed by the filth that they lie in
have-nots seek compensation
cut by their shackles lined with rust
when the meek finally rise up there'll be no need to bargain

I claim this rock as my land, train native tongues to withstand
receipts of hopeless orders, silence of a forgotten culture
I take the shape of no man, spit in the face of all men
posture fraudulent omens, all in the name of one man
sent from high
I know you think you've earned it but I deserve all this
so lay down
we trade peace of our minds for this certain destruction.