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when they built the great wall they took their time.
they didn't simply throw a bunch of bricks in a line.
they knew deep down inside they had to design a barrier guaranteed
to keep the bad guys out.
so they thought and they planned until they had it just right.
double-reinforced foundation, stones stacked 40' high
with the top lined with spikes and a tower on each side
with a watchman inside performing around-the-clock lookout.

they were safe, they were protected, they were well-schooled.

the timing is right, strap on the same black mask as last night.
you say you want freedom then you better show something.
you don't want to be left behind
but don't you give it away, you might need it some day.

bombs burst overhead, so you take the reigns.

if you're willing to escape the wall, well, you're more than welcome
to try but upon leaving head our warning.
so you want to see the sights, well, you can take them in but don't open your mind you may see something.
& when you go and make your friends, converse at free will but don't
listen you might learn something

through the years kings died and their sons died and every generation of royalty decided never to allow any of the citizens to venture outside.

they were safe. they were protected but they were all fools.


from Freeman's Narrative EP, released February 23, 2013




freeman's narrative Bay City, Michigan

lawrence, jason, adam, michael, brendon and robin building a wall of sound with words and noise.

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